When should you trade Forex in Malaysia?

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When to trade the Forex markets and take a break can be one of the main determining factors for achieving Forex trading profitability and finally getting your deserved freedom. In Malaysia, the time zone is GMT + 8, and it is important to know which sessions are open and active during the daytime. Knowing sessions can let Filippino traders select the best time and sessions to trade and achieve optimum performance and make good profits. In this guide, we are going to dive deep and find out when is the best time to trade Forex in Malaysia

Understanding Forex Trading Sessions in Malaysia

Forex sessions play a key role in the financial market dynamics as different sessions tend to have different characteristics and movement patterns. Understanding the different sessions and their specifics is very essential for Malaysian traders. Forex market operates within three main sessions: regions of Asian, European, and American sessions. To be more specific, the trading day starts with the Sydney and Tokyo trading sessions and later London comes online and the last one is the New York session to join the wagon. These sessions differ in volatility and liquidity and can affect traders’ performance greatly. 

Key sessions: Asian, European, and American

Selecting the proper Forex trading hours Malaysia poses challenges to traders. Let’s first discuss the basics of each session and then define which one is the most appropriate for Malaysian traders.

Within the Asian session, Tokyo is the most volatile. During the Tokyo session, Hong Kong and Singapore come into play as well.  Despite there being three major Asian financial centers participating, the Asian session is known for its relatively lower volatility and liquidity compared to other sessions.

When the Asian session comes to a close, the European session begins and is considered one of the most active trading sessions with the participation of major financial centers like London, Frankfurt, and Zurich. The European session is known as the London session among traders. The liquidity and market volatility are stronger during the London session as it is characterized by larger trading volumes overall than its Asian counterparts. Since the London session has higher liquidity, volatility and spreads are low, it offers more opportunities to Malaysian traders to engage in Forex activities. Traders need volatility to find inefficiencies in financial markets and make a profit out of it. 

On the 6th hour of the European session, the New York trading session opens and it significantly overlaps with the London session resulting in even higher trading volume and increased market volatility. The American session also called the New York session is characterized by significantly larger trading movements than other sessions and offers more opportunities to make a buck trading Forex. Understanding the impact of these sessions on market volatility and liquidity is crucial for Malaysian traders to make informed decisions and optimize their trading strategies

Malaysia Trading Hours

Now, it is critical to select the best trading hours to be able to trade from Malaysia during the day. Malaysia is in the GTM+8 time zone, while London operates in GMT+1 and since there is such a big difference in time zones it is important to trade during the waking hours as the mind is not as sharp at night as it is in the morning. A sharp mind is critical in Forex trading as errors cost dear in this business. When the London session opens the time in Malaysia is 4:00 pm, evening. The New York session opens when it is around 9 pm in Malaysia. 

Selecting the best FX trading time Malaysia

The best time to trade Forex markets is in the morning when the mind is the sharpest and can execute trading strategy flawlessly. It is known that morning hours between 5 am and 12 am are the best time to trade the markets. Since it is very hard to wake up and start trading right at 5 am in the morning, the most suitable time is from 8-9 am. By this time the most active trading session is the Asian session and traders in Malaysia should be very cautious and understand the specifics of Asian financial markets and which fundamental forces affect them. Without a deeper understanding of the specifics of Asian markets, it will be harder to make money during this session. Starting to trade markets during the Tokyo session and continuing it with the London session would be the best approach for Malaysian traders to use their waking hours most efficiently. 

The London session Forex time Malaysia

Since Malaysia is in the GTM +8 and London is GMT+1 when it is the morning in Malaysia it is the evening in London. The London session starts when it is 4-6 pm in Malaysia which is evening and it is important to trade either the Asian session or start trading activities in the evening. The trade is difficult since morning hours are best for discipline and alertness while the London session is more liquid and volatile. 

Forex markets are open 24/5 and give traders great flexibility to trade at their preferred time. The only challenge is to match your time zone with the London or New York trading hours to catch the volatility in the market. Another way of approaching Forex trading when in Malaysia is to trade Asian markets, but there is a little volatility and liquidity during these markets it will be more difficult to make money. 

Forex open and close market times in Malaysia

The Forex market operates 24 hours a day, and when in Malaysia it matches usually Sunday evening as the Asian trading session begins. This marks the start of the Forex trading week and Filipino traders can actively participate in the market during this time. Since the time zones are most suitable for trading during Asian sessions, it is best to start trading when all Asian markets are active. Asian sessions involve the above mentioned major financial centers such as Sydney, Singapore, and Hong Kong. If there was a gap when the market opened it could mean strong trending markets and the Asian session could also be used for active trading in this case. The Friday late-night markets the Forex market close time Malaysia as well as other countries can no longer participate in Forex after this time, only large interbank transactions are happening and markets are closed for traders and other participants. Together with the Forex the precious metals markets are operating within the same time boundaries. For understanding the XAUUSD market open time Malaysians should check Forex market hours as these two markets are overlapping completely. 


When trading Forex from Malaysia it is crucial to select the best time in which the markets are active and the trader’s mind is alert and focused. Combining these two aspects is the first step towards achieving success in turbulent Forex markets. With Malaysia’s GMT +8 time zone, understanding the open and close times for the Forex market is essential for Malaysian traders to optimize their trading processes. 

Forex trading sessions such as Asian, European, and American sessions greatly affect the market dynamics and price movement patterns. Each session has its unique characteristics and movement patterns as their liquidity and volatility differ. The Asian session is generally known to be less volatile and liquid than other sessions like London and New York. The liquidity and volatility can reach their peak during the London and New York session overlapping phase. Knowing these details, Malaysian traders can discover a balance between trading hours and their local time zone. Like in the other countries, the Forex market open time Malaysia Monday is the day when trading sessions start with the Asian markets opening. Sydney is the first session, but it is not recommended to trade this session until the Tokyo session starts to avoid flat and slow markets. 

FAQs on when should you trade Forex in Malaysia

What is Forex trading session in Malaysia?

Understanding Forex market sessions is key to knowing what time Forex market open in Malaysia and what time Filipinos should be trading. The sessions of Forex are divided into three major sessions which are the same in all countries including Malaysia. During the daytime in Malaysia, the main trading sessions are Asian, European, and later American. The best sessions for trading are during London and New York overlap as there is higher volatility and liquidity during these market hours. 

Should you trade Forex during the day in Malaysia?

For finding the best time to trade Forex, Malaysians can be facing the challenge of either trading the Asian session in the morning or waiting till the afternoon for the London session opening and trading afterward. For the morning persons the Asian session could be the best solution and for night owls the London and New York session will offer many opportunities because of their higher volatility and liquidity. The choice depends on the traders’ personality and their trading approach. So, in the end, Filipinos can trade Forex markets during the day as the London session opens at 4 pm. 

Which are the best hours to trade Forex in Malaysia?

Since the Forex markets are most volatile and characterized by strong movements during New York and London sessions, trading during these hours is the best solution. The London session starts in the evening at around 4-5 pm and offers many good opportunities. Some traders can even mark the Asian range and trade breakouts during the London session. Generally speaking 5 am to 8-9 pm is the best time to trade FX markets in Malaysia. 

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