Most succesful Forex traders in Philippines

What can top Filipino Forex traders teach us about Forex trading?

If you are wondering who are the most successful Forex traders in Philippines then this is the article for you. We have selected a few of the most iconic Filipino traders and will be sharing the brief story of their success and providing tips to become one of them yourself. So, stay tuned. 

Who are the best Forex traders in Philippines

When searching for the top FX traders Philippines may not be the first country that comes to mind, but this will change when you read how many successful traders have given this country to the world of Forex trading. From blowing up a 25 000 traiding account to becoming a millionaire afterwards there are several Filipino traders you need to know about. 

Larry Collin

If you stop and ask any Forex trader in the Philippines who is the best Forex trader in your country, the first name you are going to hear is Larry Collin. There are several reasons why this 24-year-old young trader is among the top Forex trading influencers Philippines. He is a star of the Filipino traders’ community. Larry Collin has established the company named Forex Trading Philippines which is the largest Forex educational school in the Philippines. Collin serves as a role model of a Forex trader for beginner Filipino traders and inspires many new successful traders in the country. He conducts seminars and workshops regularly and teaches beginners the basic concepts of Forex markets and profitable trading approaches. Collin started a Forex trading career in his 20s and became a trainer shortly after his success as a trader. 

Marcelo Arrambie

Marcelo Arrambie is one of the richest Filipino traders who has managed to accumulate around 1.6 million dollars after blowing up a 25 000 dollar trading account. Marcelo is a founder and CEO of the company called Day Trading Academy and has been trading the FX markets for more than 18 years which is quite a nice experience to share with newbies. He has been sharing his techniques with other traders for the past 10 years. 

Celeste Rodriguez

The most successful female Forex trader in the Philippines is Celeste Rodriguez and she is also the richest Forex trader in the country. She is one of the Philippine Forex market leaders and has established herself as the most influential woman in the Philippines’ Forex community. Her companies Rooting For Celeste and Ticker. ph specializes in coaching and trading psychology. Celeste is very successful in stock trading as well, she started trading stocks and then added Forex trading to her career too. 

Louis Teo

Being one of the top market strategists, forex traders, and financial analysts, Lous Teo is another popular Forex influencer in the Philippines. He is more focused on fundamental market forces and their influence on medium and long-term price terms and has established himself as a successful trader and investor over the years. He is known for successfully analyzing the price changes and price directions in the Forex markets. According to some Filipino experts, he is the best trader in the Philippines. 

So, Larry Collin, Celeste Rodriguez, Louis Teo, and Marcelo Arrambie are the most successful Filipino Forex traders, and learning from their example and experience can give newbies hope to become top traders themselves. 

Tips to Become a Successful Forex Trader in the Philippines

Becoming a successful trader in FX markets requires a combination of strong discipline, a proper mindset, and trading skills. 

Focus on Forex education

Educate yourself: What we can learn from successful Philippines Forex traders is that they all emphasize education and coaching. It is critical to gain theoretical knowledge about Forex markets and then develop practical trading skills and trading strategies. All this can only be achieved by being consistent and controlling your emotions during trading activities. After education, focus on a demo trading account and familiarize yourself with trading platforms and their features. Focus on one platform at a time and be sure to include the most popular professional platforms like MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, cTrader, or TradingVIew in your platforms list. 

Choose a reliable Forex broker

For becoming successful Forex investors Philippines can be a great country as there are numerous well-established brokers that are offering trading services to Filipino traders. Selecting the right broker can be as important as trading education itself. The broker must be well-regulated and have a track record for allowing its clients to withdraw their funds without complications. Trading terms should be acceptable with low spreads and low commissions. 

Develop and backtest trading strategies

Developing a trading strategy is essential to become a successful trader in the Philippines like in any other place in the world. The trading strategy consists of rules for entering and exiting the markets and addresses many important topics such as risk management and establishing scientific methods in Forex trading. The scientific method makes sure there are fewer emotions and more logical decisions in trading. Flawlessly executing the trading strategy is only one way to become profitable in Forex markets. It is essential to check the strategy’s performance periodically after every 25-30 trades. This is enough sample size to conclude if a strategy is performing well or if it needs further adjustments and tests. 

FAQs about the most succesful Forex traders in Philippines

Who is number 1 Forex trader in Philippines?

Larry Collin is among the top FX traders Philippines, and he is sharing his trading experience and knowledge in regular workshops and training sessions. Being this successful at 25 is all traders’ dream and since he is sharing his experience this may be the best time to start educating yourself in the world of finance and trading. 

How much is the salary of Forex trader in Philippines?

The average salary of the Filipino Forex trader is around 320 USD per month. The highest salary is around 650 USD. These numbers are very low when compared to developed countries. Forex traders are not working for a monthly salary, they are developing and executing trading strategies and can make much more than these numbers. 

Who is most successful Forex day trader in Philippines?

There are numerous successful Forex traders in Philippines and most of them have established companies and provide trading education to the masses. This could be a great opportunity for beginners to jump in and become successful traders. Larry Collin,  Celeste Rodriguez, and Marcelo Arrambie are among the most wealthy and successful traders in the Philippines.

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