Best investment opportunities in Kenya

Discover how to find the best Kenya investment opportunities

The Kenya investment market is diverse and offers many opportunities to investors. We have gathered information on how to find the best investment opportunities in Kenya and how to limit your risks if you are a beginner investor. There are also tips for becoming a successful investor you don’t want to miss. 

Becoming a successful investor in Kenya – Main steps

No matter the country of origin there are certain steps every beginner investor should take in order to build a successful investor career. But depending on the country there may be different trends and money-allocating abilities. When living in a developing country it is easier to develop a new start-up that is successful as in many developing countries the competition is usually low. But it is harder and more expensive to find financing sources for your business. Investing means you have to find a certain amount of money and invest it in assets that have the highest potential of succeeding. For finding the best investments Kenya is an attractive country as there are many emerging markets there. The key is to find sectors that have the highest probability of staying relevant in the long term. 

Step 1: Finding the promising sectors that have a future-proof signature

Investing is not a short-term business; it is mainly focused on building substantial wealth and capital in the medium and long term. Because of this inherent nature, investors must aim at technologies and developments that are going to become dominant in the future. The cryptocurrencies are going to stay here and offer a good opportunity to invest some part of your capital in them. But cryptos are super risky and require a higher level of expertise and research, this is why diversification becomes even more important in investment endeavors. 

Step 2 Diversifying your portfolio as the best approach to investing

Every beginner investor must try and divide their capital into as many assets as possible. This will allow for superior flexibility and if one sector has a downtrend and is falling other sectors will make up for it. Investing in different sectors like cryptocurrencies, bank deposits with high yield, dividend-paying stocks, and startup stocks could be the best method for becoming a millionaire in the long term. 

Kenya investment options 

When trying to become a successful investor in Kenya it is critical to research local investment options and analyze which ones are most promising. Let’s discuss the most appropriate options when investing in Kenya.


The most appropriate market to look into when searching for high return investments Kenya is the stock market that is operating locally and also in international stock markets. With stocks, building a passive income portfolio is realistic when invested above 100k USD. With an above 100k portfolio, it is possible to make 2k per month passive income which is more than enough to pay all living expenses. 

Real Estate

Another option that would require similar investment capital is real estate as housing prices are expensive in Kenya right now. Real estate is a very robust sector and less liquid but with lesser risks too. Having real estate assets means you have a rigid wealth that can be translated into money in the medium to long term and provides the feeling of safety for investors. The best approach is to rent out the real estate or buy assets when prices are cheap and sell when prices are expensive. 

Government bonds, fixed deposits, and other options

Treasury bills and government bonds are less riskier assets and can help to save wealth and capital in the long term. But they have lower interest rates and passive income is lower when compared to other forms of investment in this list. Fixed deposits offered by banks are around 6% in 2023 in Kenya and can provide some middle ground between dividend stocks and government bonds. Agriculture is also an attractive sector in Kenya; Investing in agro-businesses, such as livestock farming, horticulture, or tea and coffee production can yield some nice returns in the medium and long term. 

Another interesting alternative is to invest in startups and medium enterprises as this sector is very active in Kenya. But this type of investing can be risky as there are not many startups that are successful in the long run, especially because Kenya is a developing country startup that can have a hard time finding enough financial resources to achieve success. 

Kenya investment opportunity trends

Finding investment trends as early as possible can be super profitable as the prices start to rise when many investors are jumping into certain sectors. Researching the ever-evolving trends and investing in the most promising startups in these sectors could mean an early retirement for many investors. Technology and Digital Innovation, Renewable Energy, Infrastructure Development, and Affordable Housing are becoming very popular in Kenya, and investors should note these sectors down to try to catch the best opportunities. 

The best investment opportunities in Kenya

In Kenya, electricity costs are rising and it is a good idea to invest in renewable energy and build solar farms and sell electricity to the government. In this way, a very robust long-term business can be built. Real estate is another key factor in Kenya and investing in development companies can yield high returns in the medium and long term. The local stock market is active and the Kenyan stock exchange can be a great place to invest in well-established local businesses such as banks and mutual funds. 

Finding the best Kenya investment alternatives

The best alternative to local investment opportunities in Kenya is the international stock markets. The idea would be similar to building passive income dividend stocks. The second most appropriate option for investing is to buy a diverse range of cryptocurrencies that have real-world usage and are decentralized. Buying real estate in countries that have lower housing prices and renting our few apartments in the central cities would be an attractive alternative to investing in the local Kenyan housing market. 

Kenya investing tips and tricks

  • Diversify your portfolio into assets that are from different sectors. Real estate, stocks, cryptocurrencies, agriculture, and manufacturing are all different sectors that can be used to build a robust investment portfolio. 
  • Conduct thorough market research before investing to avoid scams and fraud. Make sure the company you want to invest in has a real product.
  • Targets future-proof tech sectors like renewable energy and cryptocurrencies.  
  • Set clear investment goals to have a clear idea of what you are aiming to achieve
  • Double-read this best Kenya investment guide and try to invest in diverse assets.

FAQs on the best investment opportunities in Kenya

Which investment has the highest return in Kenya?

When searching for the highest returns from investment stocks and cryptos are first to come to mind. But cryptocurrencies are highly risky as many scammers have taken the digital currency world by storm. Despite being super risky cryptos can be super rewarding when researched sufficiently. The stock market can be a good source of income and Nairobi Securities Exchange is the place to buy the most promising stocks in Kenya. Real estate could be a very reliable investment vehicle as the risks are much lower when compared to the first two options in our list. The fourth investment option is government bonds that can offer stable and predictable returns. Forex markets can also yield high returns. To find the best Kenya FX investing guide Kenyans will have to conduct a thorough research and evaluation of the FX markets and then find the funds that are trading the currency markets. 

What should I invest 50k in Kenya?

For such a low capital investment the best options to consider would be stocks that pay dividends and cryptocurrencies as apartments are super expensive in Kenya right now. The average good apartment starts from over 90k in US dollars. Diversifying your portfolio is a must and you should try to invest in diverse asset classes. Stocks, mutual funds, Bitcoin and Ethereum, mining farms with solar energy, fixed deposits in banks and government treasury bills, and investment clubs. 

What are alternatives to investing in Kenya?

To decrease the risk exposure and not be dependent on local investment, it is best to invest in international stock markets, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), and Cryptocurrencies. 

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