How much money do you need to start trading Forex in the Philippines?

How much money do you need to start trading Forex in Philippines

Forex trading can become very attractive in the Philippines, especially with a small budget. To trade Forex, an appropriate amount of capital is required so that you can achieve your financial goals easier. Since the average salary is low, it can be a challenging task to select a proper trading budget in the Philippines. It is possible to trade FX with a small budget in the Philippines. To learn more about Forex trading capital, we have developed a comprehensive guide with a tier list to help Filipinos select the proper minimum budget for diverse financial goals. 

A brief overview of Forex Trading in the Philippines

Forex trading is legal in the Philippines which makes it a very attractive profession for many beginners with small budgets. Foreign exchange or Forex is regulated in the Philippines by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the most commonly traded currencies are the USD, EUR, JPY (Japanese Yen), GBP, and CHF (Swiss Franc). Forex trading is typically done through Forex brokers that provide trading platforms. There are a variety of locally regulated reliable brokers available to traders in the Philippines. Since Forex trading can be highly risky and volatile, selecting a properly regulated broker that offers small fees and low spreads is essential. It is important to have a solid understanding of the Forex markets and to manage risks properly by allocating a proper trading budget. Forex traders must comply with tax laws and regulations in the Philippines. Forex market operates 24 hours a day, five days a week, meaning traders in the Philippines can access the market at any time, resolving the time zones challenges. The Forex market is also the largest financial market in the world, with an average daily volume traded above 6.5 trillion dollars. Forex trading can be an exciting venture for Filipinos, who are willing to put enough time and effort into understanding the markets and developing effective trading strategies. It is critical to approach Forex with caution, and controlling the budget is one of the key aspects of Forex’s risk management. 

Understanding Forex Trading Capital

Put simply, the Forex trading capital is the total amount of money a trader has available to allocate for Forex trading. This money can come from several sources including salary, savings, or passive income. Can a beginner start with the minimum investment FX Philippines and increase it over time? The main idea is to not invest money into trading that you can not afford to lose. Forex is risky and many traders lose all their investments, in fact, it is hard to maintain your trading capital in the long term and it requires strong discipline and consistency together with strong risk management skills. Although more capital can help traders open positions with higher volumes and potentially make more profits, the chances of losing money can not be underestimated. Determining how much capital you have and how much of it you can use for each trading position will determine how profitable a trader is. Many traders recommend not to risk more than 1-2% of your total trading budget on any one trade. This means if you had $1 000 you can not risk more than $10-20 per trade. This will have a major positive impact on trading performance and capital preservation. With this rule, the potential losses are decreased and traders can survive in the long term. But not everyone has 1000 USD and more to trade Forex. Below are examples of starting Forex trading in the Philippines with much less initial capital and how to do it correctly. To answer the question, of whether you can trade FX with small budget in Philippines, let’s dive deeper and analyze different trading scenarios below. 

Setting Your Forex Trading Budget in the Philippines

With the average salary being around 300 USD a month, it is more acceptable for the average person in the Philippines to start with as low a budget as possible. The minimum deposit requirements offered by many regulated brokers are low and it is possible to start trading with a budget as low as 5-10 USD. In order to trade with a small budget leverage is required. Leverage is a credit Forex brokers give to their clients. The leverage of 1:100 means the trading account capital is multiplied by 100 times when opening a position. The leverage offers the unique ability to trade with a small budget and amplify profits. But potential losses are also amplified, this is why the leverage must be used with caution and strong risk management strategies. The maximum leverage the SEC of the Philippines allows is 1:50. With this leverage and 0.01 minimum trading lot size, it will be necessary to have at least 20 USD on your trading account to open a position with 0.01 lots (1 000 USD). But to avoid margin calls and stop-outs, traders will need more capital in their trading accounts. 

Minimum and average Forex trading budget Philippines – tier list

It is recommended to have more capital than the minimum requirements not to get stopped after a few losing trades. The absolute minimum money to trade Forex in Philippines would be at least 30 USD. With this budget and 0.01 lot sizing it is possible to trade small and learn trading skills. The best minimum trading capital under 100 USD to trade with a 0.01 lot size would be at least 50 USD to ensure you can tank a few losses and continue trading. Trading with 0.01 lots won’t get you much profit, but it will help you develop strong trading skills and profitable trading strategies. 

With a monthly profitability of around 5-6% from an average trading volume of 0.02 lots, the trader can make 100-120 USD a month, which would be a nice addition to the average salary. To make a living, it would require a profitable trading strategy that has 5-6% monthly profitability and to allocate 500 USD and trade with 0.1 lots. This would make somewhere between 500-600 USD per month, double the size of the average salary in the Philippines. To trade with such consistency requires a high level of expertise from the trader’s side. Let’s order our findings about trading capital requirements into tier lists of zero to hero. 

Tier zero – the smallest FX budget to trade FX in Philippines

Zero tiers are the smallest FX budget to trade FX in the Philippines and to be able to open a trading position on a live trading account.

  • Budget – $30-50 
  • Trading lot size – 0.01 lots

Tier C – Philippines minimum Forex trading capital

The minimum money to trade Forex in Philippines to survive several consecutive losses with 0.01 lots is around 50 US. The higher the trading budget, the better the potential returns. 

  • Budget – $50-100 
  • Trading lot size – 0.01-0.02 lots

Tier B – trade FX with a small budget in the Philippines

  • Budget – 100 USD and more
  • Trading lot size – 0.02 

Tier A – Making a living trading Forex in the Philippines

  • Minimum budget – 500 USD and more
  • Trading lot size – 0.1

This tier list can be applied to any country with minimum leverage of 1:50. Some regulators require maximum leverage capped at 1:30 which makes it impossible to trade with smaller than 100 USD, fortunately in the Philippines it is possible to trade with around 100 USD budget and start earning profits. Forex trading minimum deposit in Philippines as defined above can be very low which is super attractive for Filipino beginner traders.  


In order to make money on Forex markets it is critical to select a well-regulated broker in the Philippines that offers low spreads and fees. The maximum allowed leverage by the local regulator is capped at 1:50 making it possible to trade with 0.01 lots with just a 50 USD trading account. But 50 USD will only be enough to learn practical trading and make a very small profit. In order to make a living in the Philippines where the average salary is around 300 USD, it will be necessary to have a trading account of at least 500 USD and trade with a profitable trading strategy that makes 5-6% monthly. The trading lot size could be 0.1 in this case. The smallest trading budget to open a trading position starts from 30 USD and 0.01 lots. But with a 30 USD account, it will be possible to tank several consecutive losses and learn to trade, and the recommended minimum trading capital is around 50 USD.  The average trading account size to make a slight profit should be around 100 USD. As we can see, the Philippines Forex account minimum funding can be as low as just a few dollars which makes it easy to start trading while living in the Philippines. 

FAQs on how much money you need to start trading Forex in the Philippines

What is the minimum investment required to start Forex trading in the Philippines?

As for maximum leverage allowed by the local regulator, 1:50, the minimum Forex trading capital Philippines to open a trading position with 0.01 lots is 20 USD, but you will need more to open trading positions with reasonable stop loss. Ensure at least 50 USD is available on your trading account to make sure you can tank some losses. 

What is the best amount of money to start trading FX in the Philippines?

The best capital to start Forex trading in the Philippines is between 50-500 USD. To learn it is better to have a small trading account while 500 USD and more is best for making a living from trading. So the recommended minimum Forex deposit Philippines can be as low as 50 USD which makes it very flexible for Filipinos. 

Is $100 enough to trade Forex in the Philippines?

Since the maximum leverage on Forex pairs is capped at 1:50, it will require Filipinos to have at least $50 on their trading account to trade with 0.01 lots comfortably without the threat that a few losing trades can cause a margin call. With 100 dollars it is possible to trade with 0.02 lots and make some money when the tested profitable strategy is deployed on the markets. 

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